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By mort1mer, Feb 3 2015 01:16PM

Well the snow is falling and the wind is blowing. Perfect time to fire up that oven, wrap up warm, grab a beer and let the oven warm you up with a lovely roast. Don't let the wather get you down!!!

By mort1mer, Apr 1 2014 11:09AM

At last the weather is changing for the better and we are able to get out side and do what we love.

Cook in the Oven!!

New recipe ideas coming soon.

By mort1mer, Mar 3 2014 03:02PM

Well Hello to Barneysbbqs!!!

This is our first post on our blog and hopefully the first of many.

We want to try and spread the joy of outside cooking and dining to as many people as possible.

And bring back the feeling of dinner time as family time. It is so easy, in todays technological world for families to rarely sit, speak and laugh together. So lets turn off the ipads and telly and get back to basics.

Good healthy food and some precious family time.

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