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everything for your outdoor kitchen


About Barney and his team

BarneysBBQS is a truly family run enterprise.


Barney is the brains of the operation!!!  But he is ably supported by his Grandma, Grandad, Mum, Brothers Arthur and Dylan and finally me! Dad....


Barney is the eldest of 3 boys and is 9 years old with  a soft spot for all things pizza and barby related!!!


Along with his two brothers, Arthur and Dylan, He came up with the suggestion of BarneysBBQS.


After countless visits to his grandparents in Portugal and trying the local pizzas and barbecue food he wanted to know why we could not cook outside like grandad??? And the answer.... we could.


We decided to try and recreate that portuguese style in our own back yard. And after lots of time and research we have come up with  that Portuguese style, but sadly, sometimes minus the sunshine!!!

But rain or shine our ovens and barbecues are guaranteed to liven up any family or social occasion

About our ovens & barbies

From the start we wanted to create and supply authentic Portuguese ovens and barbecues. So with that in mind we have developed a close relationship with our Portuguese partners to bring you the best products available.


Our manufacturer has over 20 years experience in the production of

hand crafted brick ovens and barbecues. Using the traditional techniques that have been used for centuries.


Our ovens come ready built and ready to use. With the minimum of effort you can be cooking that pizza, roast or bread in no time at all. And with easy to follow instructions to set up the barbecues you will be grilling those steaks and sausages shortly afterwards as well.